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Elector Representation Review

An elector representation review gives councils and their community the opportunity to examine their present composition and structure and allows the opportunity to plan and implement changes that will better reflect the future requirements of their community. 

The review process is required to be undertaken in a staged review process (further details are at the bottom of this webpage) and information pertaining to the current stage is outlined below:

Current Stage - Second Consultation

Council have released a Representation Review Report outlining Councils 'In Principle' position and requesting feedback from the community.

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A summary version is available here (includes a feedback page), alternatively please click here to have your say:

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To complete the online survey, click the 'have your say' icon

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Review Process

Representation Review Options Paper

The Representation Review Options paper must examine the advantages and disadvantages of the various options that are available to the council in relation to the composition and structure of the council. The Act specifically requires Council to review the number of Councillors with comparison to be made to Councils of a similar size and whether the existing ‘no wards’ structure should be retained in favour of introducing wards, and if so, how those wards would be constituted.

Rep review

*Please note an amendment of the originally published paper occurred on 13 February 2017. This was an update of the table contained therein to exclude Elected Mayors from 'Members' numbers in the third column with all columns adjusted to reflect data available as of January 2017. The originally published paper can be accessed here and the replacement page, here .

Written submissions in regard to the Options paper closed on Friday 3 March 2017.

First Public Consultation 

Council is required to inform the public of the Representation Options Paper and invite interested persons to make written submissions to the Council over a period of at least 6 weeks.

This paper is available for consideration by the community between 20 February 2017 and 7 April 2017, with written submissions to be received no later than Friday 7 April at 5pm. To assist the community with this process, a short feedback form has been made available to the public (see Appendix D), however any member of the public wishing to provide more comprehensive comment is able to do so.

Representation Review Report

At the conclusion of the first public consultation, Council will prepare a report that provides information on the submissions received from the public and Council’s response to any issues arising from those submissions.

The Representation Review Report will outline Council’s ‘In Principal’ position in relation to the future composition and structure of the Council and outline the reasons for arriving at these decisions.

Second Public Consultation

Council will invite a second public consultation seeking written comments on the Representation Review Report and the preferred proposal as outlined within.

This period of public consultation will be for a period of at least 3 weeks.

Structure Adopted

Following the consultation, an opportunity for the public to appear before Council in support of their written submission will be provided.

Council will then consider and adopt a final proposal for submission to the Electoral Commissioner.


The Electoral Commissioner will consider the Final report and the process undertaken by the Council in its preparation to ensure that all processes were in accordance with the legislation.

Any changes proposed to the composition and structure of the Council will come into affect at the next Local Government Election.  

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