Council Elections

Participating in your local council election is one of the most direct ways you can make a difference to everyday life in your community.

The community elects their Council Members every four years and the next general election will take place in November 2022. At the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula, the Mayor is elected by the Council members at their fist meeting of Council.

Unlike State and Federal elections, it is not compulsory to vote in South Australian council elections and all voting is done by post. Enrolled voters receive a voting package through the mail and return their votes in a reply paid envelope.

Key dates

Roll close5pm, Friday 29 July 2022
Nominations openTuesday 23 August 2022
Nominations close12 noon, Tuesday 6 September 2022
Dispatch of ballot materials to electorsFriday 14 October to Thursday 20 October 2022
Close of voting5pm, Thursday 10 November 2022
Scrutiny and count9am, Saturday 12 November 2022

Useful information sources

Local Government Association of SA: Local Government Elections

Electoral Commission of South Australia (ECSA)

Authorised by Delfina Lanzilli, District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula