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Duck Ponds Fire Recovery

At approximately 4pm on 11 November 2019 a fire broke out in the Duck Ponds area near Woods Road. This page is to keep affected residents informed on the recovery efforts and provide contacts to key information and resources.

Council would like to thank all of the emergency services responders and Council staff who offered assistance both on the ground and through an administrative role during the fire. Thank you to the personal fire units and all neighbours and friends who also provided assistance through the time of the fire and in the following days.

Now that the fire has been declared as no longer posing a threat to residents and the transition from response to recovery has commenced, Local Government will be playing a lead role in the recovery arrangements. The CFS will continue to monitor and patrol the area however if residents see anything of concern, please ring 000.

While the fire affected two Council areas, members of the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula and the City of Port Lincoln have formed a team to lead recovery efforts and provide support to affected property owners in a coordinated and collaborative approach.

To assist residents in accessing information from Council,  the Councils have jointly appointed a Bushfire Liaison Officer, Shane Rigden, who can be contacted on 0412 697 011.

To assist, the Councils have appointed a joint Bushfire Liaison Officer, Shane Rigden, who can be contacted on 0412 697 011.

Recovery Newsletters

Recovery newsletter - 14 November 2019

Financial assistance

While Council can not provide assistance in every situation or instance, below are ways in which the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula is supporting it's fire affected residents:  

  1. Waiving of Development Application Fees - Council have agreed to waive all fees associated with Development Applications for the replacement of a structure lost in the Duck Ponds fire (excluding the State Government CITB Levy), noting that applications are still required to be lodged and assessed.
  2. Postponement of rates - Upon application from the owner of a property affected in the Duck Ponds fire, Council have resolved to approve the postponement of any rates due between now and December 2020, with all fines and interest applicable to this period to be waived.
  3. Replacement of burnt mobile bins - The replacement bin fee of $60.50 per unit is being waived for fire affected properties (note this does not include annual fees for secondary bins).
  4. Rural Property Addressing signs - The replacement sign fee of $25 is being waived for fire affected properties. Please note, while Council will purchase the sign, installation by the property owner is still required.

Please note that the above items are applicable to property owners within the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula Council area and enquiries relating to these matters should be sent to the Cummins office of Council on or 8676 0400.

Fact Sheets

Media Releases

Media Release - 14 November 2019

Key Contacts

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