Consultation open: Revocation of Community Land

24th September 2020
Proposal for revocation of the Classification as Community Land - Allotment 100 Jubilee Drive Coffin Bay

Please note: Whilst this report has been prepared for the purposes of public consultation to revoke the Community Land Classification of land, it has since been discovered that this land is in fact classified as Operational Land in accordance with the Local Government Act 1999.

Council is however continuing with the consultation process in accordance with its Public Consultation Policy CR-POL-02 as it is proposed to dispose of a portion of Council land.

Proposal to Revoke the Classification as Community Land

Jubilee Drive, Coffin Bay.

Portion of land in:

Allotment 100 in Deposited Plan 21143, Certificate of Title Volume 6033 Folio 349 in the area of Coffin Bay, Hundred of Lake Wangary

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