Road Works & Patrol Grading

21st May 2020
Updates and information on current road projects & patrol grading.

Patrol Grading

Roads due to be graded in the fortnight from May 25:

(Weather permitting and subject to change if priority occurs).

Patrol O                Clarks Lane, Haigh Drive, Woods Road, McFarlane Road

Patrol N                Warrow Road, Glover Road, Lawrence Road, Douglas Well Road

Patrol P                Hyde Road, Fishery Bay Road, Sleaford Bay Road

Patrol Q                Warrow Road, Duck Lake Road

Please note: Newly graded roads during rainfall can become slippery.  While Council monitors these roads, we encourage road users to be mindful of changes in road condition during these weather periods and drive accordingly.  Thank you.

7th May 2020

Mount Drummond Road

Mount Drummond Road will be closed between Green Road and Warrow Road from Tuesday, May 12 for several drain pipes to be replaced.

The work is expected to be carried out for the remainder of the week.

19th March 2020

Settlers Road, Proctor Road 

Road works to take place include:

  • Settlers Road floodway south of Marrie Road starting Monday, March 23 and will be expected to run for the entire week.
  • Proctor Road floodway just west of Boundary Road starting Tuesday, March 24 and will be expected to run for the remainder of the week.

During this period there will be no road closures but there will be a change to traffic conditions in both of these areas.

16th March 2020

Bratten Way

Overlay of the Bratten Way Stage 1 works that was cement stabilised some three years ago is due to commence in March.

The management plan for the Bratten Way is that sections that have been cement stabilised as a result of pavement failure are required to be overlaid with crushed rock and sealed within 5 years to protect the pavement.