Community Engagement

Community Engagement Strategy

The District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula seeks to specialise in all aspects of managing a diverse Rural and Coastal Council, and the involvement of the community in Council decision making is seen as critical in achieving this goal.

Effective communication with local communities in decision making maximises the knowledge and experience upon which decisions are made, and leads to better outcomes for all.

Feedback gained from engaging with the community helps Council to understand varied points of view, gather comprehensive information, consider a range of options and identify common ground with stake holders.

Community engagement does not replace the final decision making power of Council, but is considered invaluable in the way it enhances Council’s capacity to make well informed, acceptable and sustainable decisions.

Community Reference Groups

As part of the Community Engagement Strategy 19 Community Reference Groups have been grouped into Focus Groups:

Community Focus Group 1

  • Coffin Bay Progress Association
  • Marble Range Community & Sports Centre
  • Mt Dutton Bay Progress Association
  • Coulta Hall Committee

Community Focus Group 2

  • Cummins & District Enterprise Committee
  • Yeelanna Memorial Association
  • Karkoo Hall Committee
  • Mt Hope Hall Committee
  • Cummins Youth Advisory Committee
  • Edillilie Memorial Progress Association

Community Focus Group 3

  • White Flat Hall Committee
  • Wanilla Progress Association
  • Greenpatch farming community
  • Western Approach area (Coomunga & surrounds)
  • Tulka Progress Association
  • North Shields Progress Association
  • Boston / Tiatukia Rural Living Area
  • Louth Bay Progress Association
  • Sleaford Bay Progress Association

To contact a representative near you, a register has been compiled and is available here.