Cummins Aerodrome

Cummins Aerodrome

Unlicensed, Aeroplane Landing Area (ALA)

Runway Characteristics

RWY 09/27 length 1207m width 18m limestone gravel bearing 089DEG MAG  Runway strip length 1327m width 80m

ERSA Publication

Comprehensive pilot information is published in the AirServices Australia En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA), for full details go to:

Aerodrome Reporting

Formal inspections of facilities are undertaken fortnightly by council reporting officers. No pre-flight inspection of the runway is carried out by Council. User to arrange own pre-flight inspection. Eyreial Ag Services who operate an agricultural spraying business from the facility may be able to provide information on the facility (Phone 08 8676 2722).

Aerodrome lighting

The Pilot Activated low-intensity aerodrome lighting consists of 2 outer edge omni-green and 4 red/green runway threshold lights at each runway end, white runway edge lights placed at a width of 30m and a longitudinal spacing of 90m, yellow taxiway edge lighting and 4 portaflood wind indicator lights and apron flood lights. PAL frequency 119.6 MHz.


For airport operational issues contact the Airport Manager on (08) 8684 3400 or for emergencies only please contact the duty Reporting Officer on (08) 8684 3501.