Reports & Reviews

Health & Ageing in our Community

Council is pleased to present the final report of the Health and Ageing in Our Community project – a partnership between the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula and the Cummins District Community Bank® Branch.

The District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula (DCLEP) commissioned this research project in 2017 to take a proactive approach towards assessing and bridging the gap in relation to the health and ageing needs of its residents (Refer Section 1 - Background).

The report includes the results of a highly successful community survey as well as information gathered during one-on-one meetings with government bodies, public and private health practitioners, not-for-profit service providers and community bodies. An analysis of demographic data for DCLEP is also incorporated (Refer Section 2 - Engagement and research).

The report highlights local and regional issues in health and ageing and identifies opportunities for Council to be an informer, advocate, partner or provider of health and ageing services (Refer Section 3 - Major issues and proposed actions).

An important part of the report is the table of issues and actions, including timeframes and the status of each action. This will enable future tracking of the report. (Refer Table 2 of Section 3).

The report concludes by outlining the potential positive impacts on employment, community and the environment (Refer Section 4 - Outcomes and benefits of taking action) and sets out the strategic importance of the work from both a local and regional perspective. (Refer Section 5 - Strategic importance).

It is the intention of Council to ensure that the information gathered, relationships established and opportunities identified continue to contribute to improved health outcomes for our residents.

To view the report, click here.