Historic Minute Books

Council circa 1889-1900

Back row: Mr J Telfer, Mr J O'Shannohan, Mr Rose; front Mr F Puckridge, Mr C Dutton, Mr G Dorward and Mr J Bruce.

The District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula has a series of historic handwritten minute books dating from June 1899 to 1964.

A joint project between Council and the Cummins School Community Library, supported by part funding from the History Trust of South Australia, has enabled volunteers to start transcribing  the minutes so they are accessible to the general public in a digital format.

Volunteers able to read cursive script are using on-line transcription software to transcribe the minutes from photographs taken of the original documents held at the Council offices.

The minutes are written in a predominantly Copperplate style.

The first set of minutes from 1899 can be accessed below.

More sets of minutes will be added as volunteers continue to work through the historic books.

To maintain the integrity of the text, volunteers have transcribed the minutes as they appear, including spelling and phrasing.

Volunteers started this process in March, 2020 - if you would like to become involved in this project please contact the library by telephone on 8676 2476.

Click on the links below to view the original minutes from the 16 June 1899 meeting, or the transcribed minutes from other years.

Councillor George Dorward 1899 – 1902