Development, Planning & Building

Planning helps us guide and manage the way urban and rural communities are developed, ensuring that they are good places in which to live, work and play.

Planning involves making decisions about land use proposals and other types of developments, balancing the needs of the community with social, economic, physical and environmental issues.

For guidance with the new planning system, please visit the Plan SA website by clicking here.

Development Approval is a legal requirement which is there to protect individuals, neighbours, the community, and the environment.

Development Approval is required to ensure that development activity is consistent and in accordance with planning policy and building requirements.  Development Approval can be made up of one or more types of consent, being Development Plan Consent (planning consent), Building Rules Consent, and Land Division Consent.

Development Approval is not granted until all required consents for a proposed development are obtained.

South Australian Planning & Design Code

From 31 July 2020, the South Australian Planning & Design Code replaced Council’s Development Plan to become the single source of planning policy for assessing development applications across South Australia.

The Planning & Design Code guides and controls all development activity in South Australia and the Council area. The Planning & Design Code commenced 31 July 2020 and supersedes Council’s Development Plan.

The Planning & Design Code can be found by clicking here.

Development Applications

All Development Applications lodged from 31 July 2020, will be assessed under the new Planning & Design Code which may have different zoning provisions and assessment pathways.

Development Applications that were lodged prior to 31 July 2020 will be assessed under the former Development Act 1993 and Development Regulations 2008.

To find more information relevant to your development proposal and the relevant policies applicable, access the Wizard tool.

For further information contact:

PlanSA Helpline on (08) 8456 4840 or email

Council's Port Lincoln branch office on (08) 8623 0600 or email

Lodging an Application

From 31 July 2020, Development Applications can be lodged and processed online through the PlanSA Portal. Applicants can create their own account by registering here.

Applicants will also be able to track and monitor the progress of their application, pay fees and receive information requests through the PlanSA Portal from the accredited planning and building professionals assessing their application.

The PlanSA Portal will be South Australia’s planning hub for planning information, mapping, fact sheets and enquiry tools to assist with development proposals.

For further information on the PlanSA Portal, visit the website.

How to lodge an Application

There are various ways you can lodge an application in the new planning system:

Via the PlanSA Portal

Development Applications can be lodged on the PlanSA Portal.

For detailed guidance on how to submit an application download the Guide to submitting a Development Application from PlanSA.

No forms will be required if you are lodging on the PlanSA Portal as these are built into the system.

Via email, post or in person

Should you choose to not lodge on the PlanSA Portal, Development Applications (along with all statutory forms) can be emailed, posted or delivered to Council.

An additional $80 processing fee per application will be applicable for any Development Applications that are not lodged directly through the PlanSA Portal.

Forms for lodging a Development Application can be found on the PlanSA Forms Page - you can also download the Checklist.

Onsite Waste Water Systems

All onsite waste water works applications must still be lodged via email, post or in person with Council (not through the PlanSA Portal).

Download the Onsite Waste Water System Application

Development Registers

Development Application Registers: 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014

Development Applications lodged from 31 July 2020 can be viewed from the Planning Portal.

Native Vegetation Clearance

Native vegetation in South Australia (except parts of metropolitan Adelaide) is protected. You may need to apply to clear native vegetation. This is a separate process to the Development approval process.

See maps to find out where the protection under the Native Vegetation Act applies. Contact your local Natural Resources Centre if you need general information.

Facts sheets

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