Community Bus Transport Scheme

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During COVID-19 Please contact the Cummins Office on 08 8676 0400 to discuss restrictions

A community bus has been leased by Council from the Cummins & District Enterprise Committee until December 2021.  The Community Bus will be hired out to organisations, groups or businesses within the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula, including to those organisations which provide a service of benefit to a specific target group within the community, or to individuals who are local residents.

Council have set hire rates and conditions of hire for use of the bus in a policy which must be read prior to hire.

Hirers are able to access this service by completing the Application for Hire form and lodging it with Council. Council staff will contact you and advise whether the bus is available and complete your booking.

Drivers are able to nominate to be available for the hirers to call upon for bookings by completing this form and attending an induction.