Emergencies & Disasters

IMPORTANT: Please phone 000 in the event of an emergency

Eyre & Western region - Key Hazards & Risks

The Eyre & Western Zone Emergency Management Committee in conjunction with the State Government & SES have created a booklet outlining the key hazards and risks to people within our region. Click here to find out what these are and how to prepare yourself for these events.

For more information, visit the State Government's Emergencies and Safety website.

Emergency kit checklist

Have you got an emergency kit ready for you and your family? If not, the State Emergency Service (SES) has prepared an Emergency Kit Checklist for you to get yourself ready ahead of any event.

Preparing for fire

For information specific to preparing for fire, the Country Fire Service website has a wide range of helpful documents

List of Bushfire Safer Places and Bushfire Last Resort Refuges

The CFS have a full list of Safer Places and Last Resort Refuges in the Council District. Please note that as the name implies, places of last resort should only be used when you have no other option and do not guarantee your safety. Enacting your pre-prepared Bushfire Action Plan is the best means of protection.