Waste & Recycling

Waste collection

140 litre bins, as provided by Council, are to be left out for collection the night prior to the designated day. The bin is to be placed on the kerbside with handles facing away from the road, and must be clear of any obstacles. Any waste deposited on the footpath in any other manner may be considered as litter and may attract a penalty as such.

Liquids or loose waste likely to cause a litter problem are not to be placed in the bins. Bins are not to be overloaded, the lid of the bin must be closed.

The rubbish contractor will only collect garbage that is contained in the red lid bins, provided by Council. Each bin is registered against a property and bin numbers are used to determine the amount payable under the contract.

Property owners are reminded that waste collection bins assigned to a property have a registered number on the side of each bin. It is a good idea to make a note of this number so in the case of a bin being stolen it can easily be identified and returned to the rightful owner. It is also recommended that you put identifying marks on the bin, this has a twofold action, as a deterrent for would be thieves and also to return property to rightful owners. The property address or Lot number would be appropriate as identifying marks as the bin is allocated to the property and if or when the property is sold the bin goes with the property not the owner. Spot checks will be held by Council inspectors to identify bins at correct addresses and also the use of multiple bins.

Additional bins for any property need to be arranged through the Council and are subject to an additional annual charge to cover the additional cost of collection and disposal. Please refer to the current Fees & Charges Schedule for pricing.

Collection days

MONDAY: Little Swamp Lane, Flinders Highway, Pound Lane, Richardson Road to Ford Avenue, Petrel Court, Cormorant Drive, Sea Eagle Court, Bronze Wing Drive, Cockatoo Road, Stormbird Drive, Lorikeet Court, Swallow Drive, Thornbill Road, Tattlers Road, Hyde Road, Cockatoo Road, Panoramic Drive, Winters Hill Drive,  Mazda Drive, Kestrel Court, Kookaburra Drive, Hidden Valley Lane, Western Approach Drive, Stamford Drive – Tulka – Sleaford Bay.

TUESDAY: North Shields, Poonindie, Louth Bay, Boston, Coffin Bay, Tiatukia townships, Merintha Creek Road, Tod Highway, Flinders Highway, Hyde Road, Lincoln Highway, White Flat Road, Gawler Ponds Road. Hirchausen Road, King Road, Clarkes Lane, Haigh Drive, Tiatukia Drive, Shearwater Drive, Roberts Road, Penmarric Lane, Howard Avenue, Ford Avenue, Richardson Road, Wakelin Road, Boundary Road Sanctuary Drive, Gledstanes Terrace - Lions Park.

WEDNESDAY: Wanilla, Edillilie, Cummins, Yeelanna, Karkoo, Kapinnie, Mount Hope, Coulta, Wangary, Dutton Bay, Farm Beach and Little Douglas, via Bratten Way, Flinders Highway and Tod Highway.

Note: Please check the Port Lincoln Times for public holidays collection dates.

Waste Collection - Christmas period

Please be advised that extra kerbside collections will occur in Coffin Bay during the school holidays on December 26, January 2, January 8 and January 15.

Public bins will also receive additional collections in Coffin Bay, Dutton Bay and Farm Beach during the school holiday period.

All other collections will be as normal.

The Waste Transfer Stations in Cummins and Coffin Bay will have no change to operating times.

Waste Transfer Stations 

Council operates two Waste Transfer Stations - at Cummins and Coffin Bay. These facilities are open to the public during the following times:


Tuesday: 8.30am to 12pm

Wednesday: 2pm to 4pm

Sunday: 2pm to 4.30pm

Coffin Bay

Tuesday: 2pm to 4pm

Wednesday: 9am - 12pm

Sunday: 9am to 12pm


Two new waste stream charges have been set up to better reflect their individual cost of processing as follows:

1. Building & demolition waste (high density)

These items are: Sands, soils, gravels, rocks, rubble, clay, cement, concrete, cement sheets, bricks, metals, pavers and tiles.

These are high density and heavy and attract high landfill and EPA charges. Council has no control over these charges and rather than pushing up the charges of other waste streams, Council has elected to charge these items independently.
To avoid the higher chargers these items must not be mixed with other waste. Mixing these items with other waste will result in charges being levied at the Building and Demolition Waste charge rate.
The Waste Transfer Station system is an expensive way of dealing with these waste items and clients are encouraged to contact landfill operators directly to see if they can negotiate better deals.

2. Cardboard/ paper

The method of handling and recycling of cardboard has been reviewed. The review demonstrated the high cost of baling and transport to Adelaide. To better identify ongoing costs cardboard has now been treated as separate to general recyclables e.g. glass and metal.

Other fees have been adjusted to better meet transfer and disposal costs. Due to high density building and demolition waste and cardboard being separated from the existing waste stream fees, the extent of increase in fees has been minimised.

It is highly recommended that to avoid being charged at a higher rate, that items are clearly separated for the operator to assess the appropriate fees.

Part loads or mixed loads may be priced at operator's discretion.


All property owners are encouraged to reduce their waste to landfill by separating recyclable materials from their kerbside waste. Recyclables can be delivered periodically to both Waste Transfer Stations at Cummins and Coffin Bay and also the Hassell Road Resource Recovery Centre, Port Lincoln.

No charge:

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Plastics

For a charge:

  • Green waste / untreated timber
  • Cardboard / paper

To prepare recycling, separate by each category, and

  • Remove metal fittings, nails, hinges etc. from wood
  • Bundle newspaper
  • Flatter and bundle cardboard
  • Remove lids from glass bottles & jars

Council has also partnered with EcoCycle to now offer a battery collection service. People can now drop small batteries off for recycling at the North Shields Post Office, Coffin Bay Post Office and Cummins Council office.

For more information, including a pricing, download Council's information booklet.

General queries

If you have any queries regarding the collection of waste, please contact:

Cummins Council office
Phone: (08) 8676 0400

VEOLIA - Environmental Services
Phone: (08) 8645 8849
Email: Whyalla@veolia.com.au
Paul Jefferson, Tumby Bay Glenfield Land Supervisor: 0437 834 201
Mark Inglis, Regional Manager: 0437 031 975