Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Council's Strategic Plan 2016-25 was adopted on 29 April 2016 - it outlines the goals, strategies and plans for the future economic, social and environmental development of the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula.

2016-2025 DCLEP Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan outlines the general direction for our district and shows how Council will meet the expectations and needs of the community.  It is a working document that will be revised annually and is the basis on which Councils actions and decisions are taken.

Referenced documents are linked within the plan and available under the 'Document / Management Plans & Services Levels' section of our website.

Formation of the Strategic Plan

A community survey was conducted by DCLEP in late December 2015 and early January 2016 to obtain feedback from the community about Council’s performance and future direction. A total of 503 completed survey questionnaires were received by the cut-off date of 4 January 2016 and all responses have been processed and analysed.

To view results from the Strategic Plan Survey, please use the following link.

Community meetings were held as part of this Strategic Plan review  were held in Cummins, Port Lincoln and Wangary in early February 2016.

Notes from each of these community meetings can be found by clicking on the below links.

Current review

The Strategic Plan is the key Council document – it informs every annual budget, sets Council’s priorities and work loads and forms the basis of all financial plans so feedback from the community is vitally important.

A community survey was conducted throughout July / August 2019 and Council held meetings with our community to discuss the results of this survey and seek further feedback as outlined below:

Meeting notes from those meetings can be accessed by clicking on the relevant meeting listed above and a copy of the presentation provided at those meetings can be accessed here and the full survey results, here.

Council was pleased with the feedback offered from the meetings, in person to Councillors and via email and will now develop a draft Strategic Plan which will be released for a final round of public consultation.

Copies of the current Strategic Plan can be accessed here or alternatively, a hard copy can be provided from both Council Offices – 32 Railway Terrace, Cummins and 38 Washington Street, Port Lincoln, at no cost.

Should you have any comments to offer for consideration in the plan, please email: or call one of the staff at the Council office on (08) 8676 0400.