Animal Management

An easy how-to from the Dog and Cat Management Board



As a result of changes to the Dog & Cat Management Act in 2016/17, from 1 July 2018 dog owners will now register, renew and maintain their dogs through the Dog and Cat Online System (DACO).

The DACO system will be the official dog register and Council will no longer need to maintain its own register in house.

Council’s data has been migrated into the system and owners will receive a renewal and instructions on how to use the DACO system.The new system can be found by clicking here.

For more information visit the Dog and Cat Management Board's website.

Registration fees for the 2019/20 year can here found here.

Impounded dogs

If your dog has wandered off or escaped from home and cannot be found it is possible a member of the community has located them and alerted Council.

It is important your dog is wearing a collar with registration details so Council officers can contact the owner as soon as possible. If staff are unable to get in contact with the owner, the dog will be held by Council until their owner can be contacted.


Cat traps are available for use by people experiencing problems with stray cats. Please contact Council's General Inspector on 8623 0600.

The RSPCA has developed a helpful website regarding keeping your cat safe and happy at home. For more information visit

Animal Management Policies

To view our Animal Management Policies, please click here.