New Council Elected

22nd November 2022
Results of the Local Government Elections.

In accordance with section 50 of the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 (the Act), the results for the November 2022 council elections are announced.

The council elections were conducted by post and telephone assisted voting for blind and low vision electors, and electors who are interstate or overseas. Voting material comprising of ballot papers, candidate profiles, a postal voting guide, a ballot paper envelope containing the elector's declaration and return envelope was sent to electors, bodies corporate and groups whose names appeared on the certified voters roll. Voting closed at 5pm on Thursday 10 November with the scrutiny and count commencing at 9am on Saturday 12 November 2022 at Cummins Council Office, 32 Railway Terrace Cummins.

In accordance with section 50 of the Act, Mick Sherry, Returning Officer, confirms the provisional declarations and certify the results for the following elections, with the following candidates being elected:

Election of Area Councillors     Vacancies 7

QUIGLEY, Jo-Anne Therese        Elected 1

TAYLOR, Isaac                               Elected 2

HOWELL, Brett                              Elected 3

MITCHELL, Peter Laurence         Elected 4

WOOLLEY, Steve                           Elected 5

FAHY, Margie                                 Elected 6

TREZISE, Neville                            Elected 7

All candidates will be notified in writing of the results of the elections. Copies of the reports and copies of the full scrutiny and count details are available on the ECSA website.